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About Us


At the helm of Keswick Communications are two people, Jeffrey and Jay with over 30 years of experience building WIFI networks.  Their expertise is ever increasing as new technology is introduced.  They come from humble beginnings, working from their homes with a strong vision of the future, drive, and passion to connect everyone to the world.  

What We do

Keswick is sought after because it builds innovative and high-quality, secure, networks that place them ahead of the curve. What makes Keswick an even bigger standout in their field is the fact that state-of-the-art equipment is always used to support Keswick’s triple-play of services, IPTV, Internet, and VOIP telephone services. The focus is on building these high-quality networks specifically for manufactured home communities and multi-dwelling communities (MHC and MDC) across the United States and Canada. 


Their determination and growth mindset has led them to expand the business to a head office in Phoenix, Arizona where they employ amazing people to service customers and build networks. 

Personalized Installation

We are building networks all over the US and Canada in more markets and segments. It’s that very simple vision and determination that continues to drive and propel us to remain a leader in our industry.

Expirienced Staff

We custom build and design networks to encompass all of the needs of residents at no cost to the property.

Competitive Pricing

Affordable pricing for the best quality service. With many different options, all fully customizable to your resort, Keswick has the ability to monetize your network. Complimentary service, paid, or a combination of the two? Let’s work together to figure out what works best for your property.

Keswick Communications is proud to be partnered with

Boat operators, whether cruising for business or pleasure, are likely to want or even demand Wi-Fi access from their marina.

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